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Don't mind me, this is a blog dedicated to the beautiful art of black and white. & a place where I can place my thinkings and feelings through images and words. Feel free to follow. creeperv(s)
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"Just once, I want to walk side by side with you. Because if we just walk together like this. Wherever we go, it’ll be heaven." - 엑소케이

*has 10 second fantasy about someone u saw in public*

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"Everything flows, nothing stands still."
-Heraclitus. Greek philosopher (via purplebuddhaproject)

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Polaris Entertainment has confirmed the death of Eunbi


[Update] Current reports reveal that Eunbi died while in transit from the accident scene to the hospital. 


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sometimes it takes a big shock to realized that we’re all so, so mortal; that even those who glitter and shine on a stage can bleed and fade.

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